Beautiful Bestie: Dannie Morten Keil
It is an honor to lock arms with so many Beautiful Besties each with unique talents, passions and stories. Today,  we are excited to introduce you to Dannie Morten Keil, one of our Beautiful Besties from Chicago, Illinios. 

Hi!! I'm Dannie, an executive with Young Living and an Oily Besties Team Leader.  I nabbed my starter kit around Halloween of 2014, when my daughter was 10 month old. I now have her as a 4yr old and my son who is 1.5. Both are super Oily kids and they love it!

In my spare time, when not working my YL biz, I am also an author and a swim coach. I've been around pools my entire life, and never left 😊.

My favorite product is Progessence plus- after having my second baby, it became my Mommy Sanity bottle. Mama can't go a day without it or else the monster inside emerges! 😛

My Savvy Selfie is from my birthday last year- I'm only using FOUR products! Warm 2 foundation, Determined and Residual eye shadows and a hint of Abundant lip gloss.

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