Tribe Tuesday:: Meet our very own Abigail Burton
We wouldn't be the Oily Besties Community without this bomb shell creative beauty! 

Y'all I want you to meet Abigail Burton. 

Hi Everyone, I'm Abbie! I’ve been using Young Living since January of 2014, and to tell you these oils are life changing is an understatement! I am a stay-at-home-mom of three who are the sole reason I began the journey of converting our home to more natural practices. When I become a Wholesale Member, I had zero intention of “working the business”, however, as I integrated Young Living products into our daily routines, a deep love and respect for both the company and products grew. When my friends and family started to inquire, I started sharing and then teaching cam shortly there after. 

Today, I spend my time helping others ditch and switch nasty products out of their home and replacement them with essential oil infused goodness, as well as leading a team of like-minded oilers do the same. Young Living has opened doors for me that I never imagined and I'm a better person today because of it.

Here is a little bit of how this journey has impacted our lives. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for 12 mos following a miscarriage.  I was using Progessence Plus to help with hormonal balancing, but I wasn't consistent through most of those months. The 12th month, I decided to go all-out oily to support my reproductive system. I did a morning ritual of EndoFlex and Dragon Time, and nightly I applied Progessence Plus; as well as using NingXia Red for dietary purposes and MultiGreens as a daily supplement. The following month, baby #3 was conceived, and I had a healthy pregnancy. He is nearly three years old and we feel so blessed to have oily support for our life's journey as well as for the continued growth of our family!


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